The Forecastle Festival

Comprehensive video marketing for Louisville’s premiere music festival.

Opportunity: The Forecastle Festival, situated on Louisville, Kentucky’s beautiful waterfront, boasts some of the greatest touring acts in the country and highlights a variety of bourbon and fine southern cuisine.  Forecastle was in need of rich video content to promote the festival, their partners and sponsors, and to keep fans engaged throughout the year.

Solution: Video recaps showcasing festival highlights are just a small part of our partnership with the Forecastle Festival. Additional content has been created each year to promote various elements of the experience including the Bourbon Lodge, Late-Night Shows, and the city of Louisville itself.  Our videos have been utilized on the Forecastle website as well as their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube all year long with the goal of seeking out new fans, retaining existing ones, and demonstrating to sponsors what an amazing event they’ve partnered with.  We’re proud to play an important role marketing this top-tier festival which was enjoyed by a record 75,000 attendees this past year.


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